The London Cohousing Initiative was launched in the summer of 2017, with a series of public information sessions. From those sessions, a group of individuals are actively moving the process forward, starting with regular bi-weekly meetings. We have established our common values, on which a community, or communities, would be based. We typically preface our business meetings with a potluck lunch or morning coffee/tea, as part of the informal getting-to-know each other process. Our intention is to create a multi-generational community, but we encourage anyone who is interested in other models to contact us, as other models may ‘fall out’ of the process/people involved (e.g. a senior’s house-share, or a larger senior’s community, or smaller family communities – who knows?) Please see the Events Calendar for public meeting dates/times and location.


Although we encourage and welcome anyone who is in interested to join us at our business meetings, you will need to become a member in order to vote or have a say in shaping the community. Currently, you will need to have attended an information session, at least one social event and one business meeting in order to join. There is a nominal $25 fee for joining, and you must commit to attending meetings on a regular basis - it's how we can we move things forward! Please view/use the Contact page if you would like to know more about attending our meetings, or to sign up for information on upcoming events. Thank you for your interest!

Existing paid Members can log in here.


To establish a multi-generational cohousing community within the City of London, Ontario. To the best of our ability(1), it will be created in a way that benefits our members, respects the greater community around us and minimizes our impact on the Earth.


The Greater Good(2): we work towards this through our actions and words

Autonomy(3): we respect the right of the individual to self-determination and privacy, within The Greater Good.

Socially Just(4): we are inclusive without compromising the safety and integrity of our members

Stewardship(5): collectively we commit to maintaining and enhancing the physical assets and mental/emotional aspects of our community. We assist each other where possible, but without substituting for professional health services.

  1. Ability is an umbrella term which encompasses financial, legal, conceptual etc.

  2. The use of consensus as a form of governance is included here.

  3. Individuals should not take actions/behave in a way that compromises The Greater Good of the community.

  4. A broad term to say that no-one should be discriminated against – as long as they don’t compromise the Greater Good, or are a potential threat to other members/the community as a whole.

  5. If you’re a member, you agree to an aspect of active stewardship that protects and/or furthers the community and its members as a whole, be it through property maintenance, or participation in community events, or plain old ‘neighborliness’. It sets a limit too, on how far personal assistance can/should be given.

Draft Values and Goals

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